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Costs rising-

The cost of energy, of petrol, of just about everything, it’s just getting beyond a joke. I feel like emigrating and then living off the land somewhere remote and seemingly having a care free life. Moan over. Just wanted to vent a little.

Besides all that I remain a firm believer in taking some time for yourself. Begin new interests and hobbies; treating yourself to luxuries….like a coffee and a large slice of cake, why not.

Ive found a new hobby, it’s weird….I go to a supermarket and rescue a house plant. I know, that’s weird but weird is good if it makes you happy. Their plants are usually not cared for and are dried out from lack of care.

I take them home, trim and care for them, back to life. So fulfilling when you see that new life again. New leaves and flowers emerging. I thought I’d share but dont go stealing all my plants from those supermarket shelves Beforehand, let me at ‘em first!

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